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Where do you get your post it notes? :D Btw , you're amazing!

Thanks anon! You are amazing too (it is awesome to wake up to tumblr mail).

This simple question is actually oddly difficult for me because I buy my post-its everywhere.  If I see them on sale—I buy them.  If they are on amazon lightning deal—I buy them.  I love going to the after season section in walmart/target because there are usually post-its that are from the past season that are on sale (I find this is really true for the shaped post-its).  I was also sent an incredible amount of post-its by my mystery buddy earlier in the semester…see!

The beautiful purple ones that I used in my California note taking were from amazon.

This answer was way longer than I expected it to be.

Have you seen the deal on this adorable skirt #education? edukaition?

I totally just splurged!

Surprise purchase for my classroom library! raenovafire that is the sweetest note ever…I can’t wait for my high-level readers to start passing this one around.

Surprise purchase for my classroom library! raenovafire that is the sweetest note ever…I can’t wait for my high-level readers to start passing this one around.


I have been thinking a lot about the Spikes/Forms.

We all have ways of pushing people away/keeping out unwanted individuals and some of these ways take physical forms: fences, gates, signs, long grass, oversized clothes, a book we are pretending to read.

What are your personal Forms? Or what have you seen out in the world?


Many questions. Is this how self-harm is manifesting in some kids? Is it a cry for attention? Will the framing of this as a stupid new trend that kids are doing (which may be true for some) prevent others from seeing that for some kids this may be a huge cry for…

This ( was a big deal amongst the middle schoolers in our district a few years ago. There are a lot of scares on legs and arms now.

For the last section of California I wanted to try out visual note taking.  Confession: I only made it through Chapter 16. I am more of a doodler than an artist, so there were images in my head that just didn’t translate through my pen.  

This chapter was all about divisions for me.

#education Book Love!

Show us your books!

What book do you love? Is there one whose spine is barely hanging on? Or one covered in post-its? Is there a book that you checked out of the library 10 times in middle school?

Share your most loved books with us (take a picture if you can). 

What can we learn about each other from our favorite books?




I think this would be great to share with students about why they need to not plagiarize. Students need to see the tangible consequences.

Very classy, Buzzfeed.  

My students really don’t understand that plagiarism has real world applications. They think it’s something that is just for school. We had three cases of plagiarism at my school last year (which made our administrator, who was new to the district, realize that we have no real solid code written for plagiarism, but instead it is very open to interpretation). Two of the three students involved, as well as many of their peers, said they didn’t understand why it was a big deal and that if we weren’t in a school it wouldn’t matter. 

I was already planning on doing a mini unit on plagiarism in all my classes (I did a one-day lesson on it last year, but clearly that wasn’t enough), and I think this would be a great article to include. 

Using this!

First reaction to finishing California…

I am glad I am an only child.

Soooo gooooood!

I just finished Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I think I’m in love.