One morning as a teacher…

This morning I was walking by the main office and saw a girl leaning against the wall. I stopped. She was visibly upset.

Me: What do you need? Can I do anything?
Girl: I need to get out of here before I break down.

I lightly put my hand on her shoulder and we walked into the office. We talked to a principal and I left to go to my first period. She had a beautiful blue flower in her hair and I complimented her on it when I walked out of the door.

This is a student who I do not know and I will never on know if she was able to settle her issues. This is the plight of a teacher. We feel connected to every student in the building; we smile when they laugh; we feel upset when they are hurting. And even when we know that they need a hug we have to hand them off to someone else.

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